Geodesic Truncated Tetrahedron (Black)


Geodesic Truncated Tetrahedron (Black)

Carbonised Siberian Larch

40cm x 40cm x 40cm


2 responses to “Geodesic Truncated Tetrahedron (Black)

  1. I am guessing the components for this structure are remains from setting fire to your geodesic dome? An interesting sequel to it. Roberta

  2. Hello Roberta, it’s all brand new stuff, but you are right in thinking that it is a sequel. The wood is the same as was used in the Broomhill sculpture in Devon. I used a blow torch to burn the outer layer, then removed the charred wood, put oil on it and then that got the nice finish with the pronounced grain. I thought it would be nice to make a small piece that relates to the burned geodesic dome.

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