The Big Idea

The Big Idea is a closed museum that is located at the furthest south easterly point of the Ardeer Peninsula near Irvine, Scotland. It opened in the year 2000 at a cost of £14 million (provided by lottery funding for the millennium celebrations), housing interactive exhibits to celebrate invention and inventors. It closed in 2003 -low visitor numbers, its location (25 miles from Glasgow) and the opening of the larger science museum in Glasgow have been cited as reasons for its demise. The building is a dome shaped structure (standard for all millennium follies) with a grass-covered roof and glass front. It was accessible from a harbour area in Irvine by “The Bridge of Scottish Invention” which could be retracted to allow boats to pass. This bridge is now permanently retracted. Many exhibits and fixtures and fittings are still inside the building and are up for sale on this website. It is in very good condition; there are no signs of the vandalism, graffiti or theft, which could be expected from such a building left derelict for so long.

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