Abandoned Theme Park

Popular among urban explorers, I had some trouble trying to get a look at it this derelict theme park in Scotland. Assuming the signs warning me of CCTV cameras to be just an empty deterrent, I entered the theme park with the intention of getting some snaps of one of the rides. It seems that there is CCTV and it is monitored, as almost immediately a man in a car pulled up and in a fed up sort of way encouraged me to leave and go somewhere else. He was friendly enough and seemed to be a resident on a property on the estate. I briefly walked back the way I came and then tried flanking the theme park. My thinking was if I bypassed the houses, I would be left alone to wander around the theme park and take some photos. I was for a while, but I had lulled myself into a false sense of security. After becoming more comfortable, another, slightly more unhappy man in a jeep gunned it down the road to where I was. Dear reader, it pains me to inform you that this 27-year-old writer, in a ridiculous, childlike manner, decided to leg it. He shouted after me and said they get people there every day. I said I was sorry but it’s just too tempting. I think that the owners are worried about metal thieves and people injuring themselves, so I have decided to omit the name and location of the theme park by way of appeasement. I only wanted to take some photos and my opinion is that if you have an abandoned theme park in your back garden, then you might have to be prepared for people wanting to go and look at it.

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