So long, Cow House studios

So the Cow House Residency is over now and I am profoundly sad to be leaving. I saw it a something of a risk bringing four strangers together to live and work so closely and intensely, but it worked and I have found friends in Laurie, Marisol and Gail. Frank and Rosie in their generosity and made it work. When I first got there, I was worried that I wasn’t making enough work or that I wasn’t doing the right things, but Frank told me it wasn’t a production residency. We weren’t there to just churn stuff out. Sometimes those moments of conversation can have a huge impact on ones thinking and this set me up for the rest of the residency. I used the time to analyse what I had been doing before, and how I should approach things after. My work and my studio practice have changed a lot in the past two and a half months and my mind is busy with new ideas and approaches. I found my experience there totally inspiring and I think that Cow House will find its way into my work for years to come.

These are a few photos from the last week or so of the residency. We were completely snowed in for a few days and getting back home was a bit of an adventure. Also, I intend to keep this blog running, I have a show with Gail at the Wexford Arts Centre in June, and maybe a few other things that relate to the residency, so I will try and make some regular posts.

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  1. Great Pics!

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